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A little side note about my wife and I of 41 years with 5 grandchildren we are owners of both LASEWOD Photography & VIDEOGRAPHY  Services and  L & S ELEGANT WEDDINGS AND OCCASION DESIGNERS we have been in the wedding business for over 20 years.

 For a long time, I’ve been motivated by event videos that I found on social media and online. Soon after, I knew exactly where I wanted my career to go. As a professional Wedding &  Events  Photographer/Videographer, our main goal is to use my talent to showcase the raw emotion behind each event in an artistic and appealing way.  

With my experience and the positive feedback I’ve received from past work, I’m confident that I’ll do an excellent job covering your next event. I love working with people and find the human aspect inspirational. Contact me to find out what I can do for your next event.


(931) 220-4504 or (931) 220-4287